My name is Jaden, Jaden Abella.
I’ve been in the design industry for years. My father is a cartoonist and an illustrator. Growing up I’ve always fancied him drawing illustrations, cartoons and logos for a company he used to work with.

I went to University of Toronto as a Computer Science major, that didn’t work out for me as I dropped out of college 2 years after. I then moved to Calgary, AB

Had odd jobs such as working at McDonalds, Sales rep, worked for IBM Canada as a Head Tape librarian, worked as an IT Specialist for a trucking company. But my love for design didn’t go away.

Few years ago I started working for a cleaning product company based in Calgary, they gave me a chance to showcase what I do when it comes to branding, redid their logo, their branding, their website and everything. It was a success.


Several months after, i started working for a homebuilder company, this individual had so many great ideas. I helped him bring those ideas to life using my creativity.

Fast forward in 2019, I now have created thousands of designs, brochures, logos for my clients, people and businesses. I have helped countless of businesses grow their social media, create a brand that is well suited for them.

Let me create a brand for you and your company, while you tell the world your story. Let me help you grow.

From the Toronto Raptors media to salons in wester Alberta, my designs have came all the way through.


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